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Support for the dark future sci-fi tabletop RPG Cyberpunk, both 2013 and 2020. Most of the material was developed using a homebrew system of the two. Character sheets, campaign settings, NPCs, and more.

Cyberpunk is a dystopian near-future tabletop RPG in which the corporations run everything. Players take on the roles of cyberpunks or runners, and may be on either side of the law. Cyberpunk was originally released by R. Talsorian Games.
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The Cyberpunk Glossary
Cyberpunk 2013 Character Sheet
Psi-World Character Sheet
A cliche clush-up of the 21st-Century
Online Chat Cyberpunk RPG
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The Weirding's Science-Fiction Directory
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A Worm's-Eye View of the Web
Cyberpunk 2020 LARP
Cyberpunk d20
Cyberpunk 2020 to Shadowrun Conversion Notes
R. Talsorian Cyberpunk Products
The Cyberpunk Project
Cyberpunk the Documentary, 1990.
The NeoCity Web Project
A Compilation of Netware
A Compilation of Character-Related Errata