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Referee's Guide to Chandler
Chandler is at once the safest and most dangerous part of Metrodome. It's no secret that Chandler is the home of the organized crime families of the city, but these are no mere syndicates, they are actual families - even those who aren't literally blood relation are as close as family - and they run the organized crime syndicates which reside in the other parts of Metrodome. The rest of the populace knows the heads of the crime families live here as well as anyone, and for the most part, they wouldn't have it any other way. The way they see it, they would rather live with the drug dealers than the drug addicts.

The police and the crime syndicates have a pretty easy alliance; for the most part, they leave one another alone, and that's that. The mobsters tend not to prey on locals (that isn't very neighborly) and keep other criminals and criminal elements from doing the same. Because this makes the cops' jobs easier, they tend to turn a blind eye to the gangsters' other goings-on. Greater Metrodome, not surprisingly, often has a problem with this - especially since almost no suspected syndicate head living in Chandler has ever been brought to justice... the police can never seem to locate them when it comes time to serve or apprehend them. Of course, the moment said criminal runs afoul of the Chandler cops or somehow breaches their trust, that person suddenly becomes ubiquitous. But Chandler plays by its own rules; almost none have ever stood trial, as most of these "bad eggs" are found dead long before they can be arrested. Chandler takes care of its own.

As noted, Chandlerans are proud of their clean roads, their working streetlights, their lit sidewalks - and regardless of their individual careers or lifestyles, they all agree on that much.

It isn't always smooth-sailing, as one might guess. Criminal factions squabble with one another and amongst themselves; one gets on a cop's bad side, or vice-versa; inner politics occasionally erupt into power struggles; the list goes on. While these instances bear mentioning, they don't (as a general rule) happen that often. Both sides see the benefits to keeping the peace - as does the rest of the population!

To some extent, the police run protection between the syndicates and small-time criminals - most specifically, the hookers. While prostitution and drug trafficking comprise the largest portion of Chandler's open crime, organized crime is largely limited to extortion and similar, less readily-apparent, acts. Prostitutes and drug traffickers are a common sight, especially on Chandler's nicer thoroughfares, and most residents simply overlook this fact. The truth is that these vices bring a lot of tourist dollars and while they are still technically illegal, you have to be one mean, aggressive, drugged-out hooker to get arrested for either. On the other hand, non-residents are constantly being fined and detained for these minor crimes.

Minion Activity and the Resistance

Minion activity is fairly low in Chandler for one, big reason: the police force is trained to deal with The Dark. It's true; it's damn true.

The reasons for this - how, when, why it came about - conflict, according to whom you speak (assuming you can even find anyone who will speak openly about it), but whether it had to do with a spate of riots barely shrouded by history (and shrewd, archival "clean-up" efforts) or an erstwhile, former mayor whose present whereabouts are still unknown, the fact remains that Chandler's police corps is an ever-ready force intent on pushing back The Dark - well, back out of Chandler, at the very least. Technically speaking, that is as much as their service requires of them - though many are also members of the Resistance on their own time. On that note, though, it must also be said that not all Chandler cops are Aware. Why and how this is is also shrouded in mystery.

Chandler does support several boltholes and Resistance "common areas." Strangely, this is common knowledge amongst the Resistance; it is often said that, "If you can't find help anywhere else, make your way to Chandler." This speaks to the power which Chandler's police force and Resistance cells hold, as few Minions dare enter the area unless specifically directed or on a mission. However, outside of its residential members, Chandler does not support a large Resistance community - after all, why attract unwanted attention? More than anything, Chandler supports the Resistance with trained manpower and equipment.
Dark Conspiracy: Metrodome
The Novelty and Costume Shop of Chandler

On Carmen Ave., at the intersection of Carmen and Sternwood, just down from Dacia's Transcendental Tarots and Thaumaturgy Shop.  Characters receive Disguise +1 per $150.00 purchase to a maximum of +2.  GMs should allow characters to spend as much as they like without telling the players that +2 is the limit.
Chandler Public Library

An excellent information source for Minion Hunters, granting a +1 to all EDU skills except Medical for every d4 hours spent researching.  Many maps, building plans, and other public records can be found at the library as well, though some may not be immediately available or photocopied and no originals are allowed to leave the building. Uncovering such beneficial documents takes the requisite d4 hours.
Valley Hill Museum

Can be used as a patron source to send Minion Hunters on various missions which may not (always) be Minion-related (artifact recovery, field research, cryptozoological expeditions, and so on).  Most of the Personnel is Aware and some are actively involved in the Resistance.  Valley Hill Museum is located in Valley Hill Memorial Park, off Silverwig Dr.