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As noted, Metrodome is a mecca of the dark future world and the corporations operating here are some of the largest.  The names and brands are world-famous and while the overseers of their day-to-day activities might not be known to the public, they are more powerful than most of us can even imagine - at least on the scale of the modern-day, real-world, American president (for example).

These corporations are so large and powerful that each resides in a sector of its own.  Further, many neighborhoods outside of these dedicated sectors are filled with their employees.  And, again, their products and services are ubiquitous.  Metrodome is famous, the corporation is famous, thus, by extension, are its controlling employees.  Wealth and power follow in likewise fashion.

and BioMed are two of the largest firms in Metrodome and are major players on the worldwide scale.  While BioDyne has branches, plants, and holdings across the nation, as well as international offices, BioMed's Metrodome locale is the only one of its kind.  Its success rate has made it a world-renowned institution.

Both the Rasslin' and Rollerderby leagues are famous, as their events are nationally televised and they constitute a brisk tourism industry in addition to their sportswear and accessories lines.  Other cities and locales turn to these organizations for help establishing leagues in their areas.  While both brands are attempting to establish leagues on the national level - perhaps even worldwide - issues with travel, communications, licensing/revenue, and the like have hampered their attempts.  Internal politics have also stymied the products' growth, though their brands remain strong.

Many corporations have merged or fallen since our present day.  Following is an incomplete list of the major megacorporations active in the Dark Conspiracy world.  Remember that not all corporations are going to be in league with the Dark - otherwise, there would be no "conspiracy" to speak of.  Corporations which have offices and/or manufacturing branches in Metrodome are noted where appropriate.

The Corporations of the Dark Future

It's a gimme the corporations own everything, run everything.  Blocks full of proles, signs everywhere you look.  I'll believe in the government when I see it work.
- [
name withheld]
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