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Players should not read this material; it is for Referees only.  Knowledge of this information will diminish your enjoyment of the game.

Referee's Information on BioMed

BioMed is an actual medical facility, inside of which lay Demonground.  While everything looks fine on the outside and many of the buildings and areas within them are dedicated to medicine and medical procedures (offices, surgical theaters, testing equipment, etc.), much of the interior is riddled with the chitinous tunnels of the Insectoid ET (p. 219).

As explained in the text, the Insectoid ET are herders and farmers.  They use numerous, and wildly clever, means to create human colonies for grub food.  They are constantly concocting new methods of luring proles to their precincts.  In particular, they offer clean (processed) water, food, and dietary supplements for free.  This is in addition to the free permanent residence (a single room for individual adults, entire apartments for families, orphanages for children), paper clothes, and small stipend BioMed provides.  While crime in the BioMed anthills is still a factor, it is almost negligible compared to other sectors - across the nation!

As any farmer knows, the key to maintaining a good flock is keeping it happy and inducing prime conditions for breeding.  Insectoid ET probably know more about human sociology than any other Dark Race, though they are woefully ignorant of human psychology and often underestimate the individual.  Yet it must be stressed the Insectoids are masters when it comes to mass manipulation, and they have been known to inspire the same sort of mob mentality in their human flock as they do their insectoid brethren.

Both their flock and nest are run with damning efficiency.  The Insectoid ET keep a healthy, and ever-changing, number of proles alive - both for their votes, and outward appearances.  The grubs never go hungry though, as their finely-tuned system of sacrifice runs in a conscientious pecking-order: orphans and unwanted children top the list, followed closely by transient single adults (particularly drug addicts and loners), and then entire families.  For the most part, the Insectoids choose people who will not be missed, but employ shrewd methods to expedite the food supply: whole families "move," unwanted dregs and criminals "suffer street justice," and terminally ill "patients" are - of course - plentiful in BioMed.

The rest of the herd is healthy, happy, complacent, and satisfied.  They have little to complain about: they are housed, fed as well as the rich, receive free medical attention, and have an unending supply of clean water.  What they do not know is that all of these things are pumped full of drugs, chemicals, nutrients, vitamins, and other elements - specifically developed to keep them healthy, happy, complacent, and satisfied.  Demagogues and rabble-rousers are expeditiously disposed of in the tunnels, unless they are capable enough to become well-known or powerful; those often either rise to great power within the corporation or nearly always suffer bizarre deaths... involving insects.

publicly attributes its low crime-rate and happy citizenry to the superior health and well-being of its population - healthy people are happy people!  And the Insectoids are more than willing to keep their herd fat and happy - because fat, happy, pacified people are so much easier to lure into the grub-infested tunnels - so there is some truth to this.  But another method used to great effect is a drug called
blush, or Pink.

In fact,
Pink is what will probably bring active Minion Hunters to BioMed - that or injury.  While it remains an "underground" drug, it is becoming widespread throughout the Dome and anyone with Streetwise 5+ has heard rumors of it.  A little investigation should lead intrepid Hunters directly to the medical sector.
Insectoid ET are fiercely intelligent, and while their desires are nefarious, they are not completely unsympathetic to the plight of those sent to the tunnels - or we humans, in general.

In fact, the Insectoid have been known to spare intelligent prey who impress them with their knowledge, derring-do, wit and charisma, or intelligence.  They are particularly interested in philosophy, religion/mythology, superstition (legend/lore), history, and - of course - sociology and politics.  Some self-serving humans have even traded their knowledge and loyalty to the Insectoid ET for DarkTek or knowledge of Darkling skills.  As these humans are traitors to their race, so are the Insectoid considered by many Dark Races.

Hunters target them equally.

Insectoid ET are known to control insects as described in the book.  BioMed does a lot of business with the agricorp, BioDyne, which provides it vegetables and food - but BioMed also has it grow certain crops used for medical purposes and BioMed grows some on its own.  Both corporations use insect farming to a great extent, both on their own and to provide the bats with a food supply.  BioMed uses it to a great extent.

The links provided give you more information on insect farming.
Insectoid Grub
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Tunnels Randomizing Table

  1.   Perfectly circular in shape, with repeating ridges down its length, the tunnel is ringed with thick, black, congealed sludge like a bad caulking job.  It is large and easily walked through, accommodating up to two people abreast.
  2.   Elliptical, like a human eye, this tunnel is completely smooth, as though it had been painstakingly melted into the material surrounding it and then carefully sanded down.  It can be walked through hunched over, but occasional Average AGL checks must be made to avoid slipping.
  3.   This tunnel is exceedingly smooth and specifically shaped for a human body, so long as the human's arms are outstretched in front of him and he lay perfectly flat.  It slides straight downward.  It will accommodate extra luggage on a slim person (such as a small gun in a holster or a small backpack), but not on a regular-sized or large one (weight-wise); extra equipment can be dropped down after the character.  The tunnel splits into three paths at some point, possibly dropping a character and his gear in seperate places.
  4.   This rounded tunnel is very craggy, filled with stalactites and stalagmites and resembles most caves you might find in Earth's nature.  You must trek through it carefully.
  5.   This obviously active tunnel is not perfectly circular, though it appears to be going that way.  Unlike #1, the substance creating it -- or left behind by whatever is creating it -- has not congealed and is still snotty.  It is not black, but clear, thick, and wet and white, where concentrated.  It is more than large enough to accommodate at least one person at a time, walking, but beware what you may meet!
  6.   This tunnel is arched and possibly craggy.  A cursory examination proves it long and winding, but it is not possible to tell if the twists and turns continue on straight or lead to more passageways.
  7.   This tunnel is small and narrow, allowing only a small child to walk through or a very small adult to crawl through, possibly forcing them to do so on their belly.  It is not very smooth, so doing so may prove painful, as well as treacherous.
  8.   The tunnel is roughly-hewn and oval.  It is not completely smooth, but not rough, and there is another passageway about 30m in.
  9.   The tunnel is massive - at least 25m across - and elliptical.  It is very smooth.  Closer examination reveals wearing in places, as well as a residue which will set off geiger counters.
  10.   The tunnel is large and square and very dark.  It is not very smooth, but does not have extremely rough or sharp protrusions, either.  There may or may not be evidence of recent use.
The manifold buildings in and around BioMed are largely shells - fronts for humans, that trick them into believing they are normal buildings. While the lower levels are filled with actual medical equipment, labs, and everything else any normal hospital needs to operate, the higher levels are riddled with Insectoid ET tunnels and pathways. These tunnels lead to neighboring structures, underground caverns and nesting grounds, and elsewhere in miles of circling pathways. Some lead into neighboring districts, and even high-powered buildings and areas throughout the Dome.

To determine the shape, size, consistency, and other features of a tunnel, roll a d10 on the following chart:

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