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The Deathrace


Deathrace is one of the most popular sporting events in America.  World-famous, the annual event begins each year in the city in which it originated - Metrodome - and runs the length of the country, to a finishing point in a different city each year.

While Deathrace is easily one of the most popular sporting events in America - much less Metrodome - it only happens once a year.  Gas and cars are simply too expensive to support a racing industry, and no one could afford to practice!  But once every year, millions of fans crowd into Metrodome and turn on their TV sets to see the start of the annual, cross-country Deathrace.  The parties and TV coverage leading up to the main event are almost as popular as the race itself!

There are no preliminaries or qualifying rounds; pretty much anyone who can afford a car can enter Deathrace.  Deathrace is not really a race to the death and murder is still illegal - in fact, all regular laws apply (when applicable; obviously, there is no law in the Out-Law) - but death is a very real possibility and intentional crashing is encouraged.  Lastly, the winner is really a "winner" - to the tune of $1 million!  Not to mention the fame and notoriety which comes with having accomplished such a feat.

However, there has only ever been one "champion" in Deathrace: two-time winner,
XXX.  As most every surviving participant will tell you, winning Deathrace comes down to luck.  Sure, skill and strategy play an important part - and the better your automobile, the better your chances - but when all is said and done, the driver who crosses the finish line first invariably credits sheer luck as the deciding factor.

The Rules

Deathrace is one of the most democratic sports in the Dark Conspiracy world for one reason: anyone who can build, buy, or steal an automobile can participate.  And since there are abandoned cars across the suburbs, this is not the herculean feat it once was.  Of course, one must brave the countryside, as well as the beasties and gangs which inhabit it, but if one is adamant about becoming a Deathracer, one does what one must.

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. Deathracers cannot exit their cars at any time, ever
  2. If the car runs out of gas, it is out of the race.  While tanks can be filled while the auto is moving or stopped, the first rule applies at all times.
  3. All laws in various areas apply, including speed limits.
  4. It is legal to sideswipe, ram, or otherwise  damage other vehicles in the Deathrace; it is not legal to do so to other vehicles or innocent bystanders.  Of course, this goes hand-in-hand with #3; there is no law in the countryside.
  5. The first to cross the finish line wins.

The Event

Deathrace starts well before the race itself begins.

Days prior to the starting line assembly, celebrities, CEOs, politicos, and other important and high-profile members of society begin showing up in Metrodome to attend the parties. For many, the parties are as widely-covered and exciting as the race itself.
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