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Dark Conspiracy Skills
Delete Bargain (p. 60) from all lists and exclude it from the game, entirely.  For all checks in which Bargain would be used, substitute Persuasion (p. 62).  The descriptions of these two skills explain this reasoning.

The rules state that "Only skills used during the adventure are eligible for improvement by use of experience points" (p.
28), but this is not the case.  All Secondary Activities (p. 318) are available for improvement at any time, regardless of when last used.  Background Skills abide by the normal restrictions and thus cannot be improved in this manner.
  • Computer Operation (EDU): Character knows about networking and functioning in a network environment, including the Internet. Also note that one uses Electronics to repair computers; reduce the difficulty of any computer repair attempts by one (-1) if the character has Computer Operation. GMs may decide that a problem exists solely in the software and allow a repair attempt using only this skill; Electronics is not complementary in these cases. Most larger and/or affluent libraries still have Internet access, though many of them charge by timed increments.

  • Disguise (CHR): This doubles as Groom, allowing the character to improve his personal appearance without necessarily changing his features. Some creative uses of this skill include make-up and wardrobe "special effects" - such as making good clothes appear shabby and drab or faking scars, physical symptoms of illnesses (such as the measles), and so forth. The use of color and design, as well as how clothes are worn, can make one appear taller, shorter, larger, or smaller than one really is. Subtle make-up tricks can enhance this and other wardrobe effects. Combined with Act/Bluff, some characters will be able to pull off elaborate deceptions.

  • History (EDU): Character is versed in the history of a particular era, culture or region, ancient civilization, political movement, artistic field, or just world history in general. History is a Cascade Skill (p. 18) which includes Ancient History, Art History, Modern History, [Regional] History, and more - Referees can make a detailed chart of the sub-headings, but common sense should prevail. The overall skill of History refers to World History, which transcends regions and eras and logically branches into all sub-fields.

  • Sport (varies): Knowledge of the rules and techniques involved in playing sports. This is covered in detail on the Sports page.

  • Streetwise (INT): Difficulty levels increase the farther from home the character gets (this may not be appropriate for all situations or subjects and particularly not for Drifters [p. 39]). This stresses the importance of Contacts and location, two key elements of Streetwise, and adds verisimilitude. Of course, thoughtful characters could always use Streetwise, Contacts, and other resources to set things up prior to leaving on their journey.
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