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All characters are Familiar (8-) with these skills free of charge, including NPCs. - p. 19. They can be improved normally through point expenditure.

Commons/Everyman Skills
The HERO System's greatest asset is also its biggest detriment: the modular design.

On the one hand, it allows for great freedom, flexibility, and customization; on the other, it makes these things mandatory. As each GM is forced to develop "basics" for his game and campaign setting, no two people are playing exactly the same system, and literally everyone has to develop these basic elements for himself and his own game. HERO System games take more initial preparation than almost any other and it is time-consuming, deeply involved work. It's not unheard of for GMs to get burned-out before the game even begins! While Champions remains the bastion of all superhero games, I believe this is the reason the HERO System itself (separate from the
Champions game) didn't become more popular.

While the basics included here are for use with the Megacity Campaign and were designed for that purpose, they should be suitable for pretty much any modern campaign, superhero or otherwise. Like noted in the FAQ, all of this material is for use with the 4th-Ed. rules set. I am not familiar with any of the more recent editions and do not support older ones.

Like everything else on The Weirding, great care and a lot of time went into developing them, but feel free to modify them to your needs. Remember that we are extremely familiar with these systems and their mechanics and even slight, seemingly inconsequential, modifications can have dramatic effects elsewhere.

  • -3 OCV with Offhand. Ambidexterity negates this, but does not allow any additional attacks per Phase. If Ambidextrous, all Extra Limbs can act as same; otherwise, all Extra Limbs (except the favored one) receive the -3 OCV Offhand Penalty.
  • Any/all attack action(s) is 1/2 Phase but must be the last action performed in the Phase. A power can be turned on or off at the beginning of a Phase or after the first 1/2 Phase, but at no other time. - pg. 140
  • 1/2 or 1 Phase of an action can be held, but 2 actions can never be taken in the same segment.
  • Aborting an Action - pg.141
  • Teleporting into Solid Objects - pg. 144
  • Falling - p. 176
  • Characters can use Breakfall and/or Superleap to diminish the damage caused by a fall. - p. 176
  • Object List (Def, Body) - p. 177
  • Wounding - p.162; Impairing - p. 163
  • Base Climb Movement Rate: 01"/Phase.
All Champions products are trademark(s) of DOJ, Inc., used by permission. All rights reserved. The HERO SystemTM is DOJ, Inc.'s trademark for its roleplaying system. See for more information. The HERO System and all associated games, game products, terms, and images are copyright 2003 by DOJ, Inc. All rights reserved. The original material presented here is my own creation, intended for use with the HERO System and/or other products of DOJ, Inc. d/b/a Hero Games. This material is not official, and has not been approved or endorsed by DOJ, Inc.
The Competent and Skilled Normal stats can be found on pgs. 133-134; the Combat Reference Chart is located on the GM's Screen and p. 153. Though I do not have it and have no plans of updating this information, it should be compatible with later versions. 
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