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The Supranormal Enforcement Agency is the officially recognized public branch of the federal police force designed specifically to handle supranormals, supernormal events, supernormal-related crimes, and the like. Well-established, the bureau is about 20 years old and boasts some of the finest superheroes the world has seen. It is, technically, the FBI for superhumans and related events. While many assume they have no authority over criminal activities involving normal, non-powered humans, that is not true; SEAgents have proper legal authority over all criminal activities, whether or not they involve superhumans.

is no mere tactical force squad or superhero team; the SEA includes agents with all manner of Powers (and many with none) and not just superpowered police squads. In fact, the SEA rarely deploys teams of superpowers for combat with other supranormals - the risk to innocents and property is just too great. Of course, every situation is different and there are instances where force is necessary to stop an even greater threat.

The majority of superpowered agents fill specific, often specialized, slots. Argot is an excellent example, but she is far from unique; the SEA, though one bureau, is divided into several divisions which handle different aspects of investigation and superpowered criminal activity.
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There are many superpowered agents who do not take heroic names and have no desire to pursue adventuring, but are integral to Supranormal Enforcement Agency's operations:

Supranormal speed-readers do quick and thorough research; long-range telepaths are (largely) undetectable, wide-area communications providers and managers; gadgeteers spend hours in top-secret labs, designing and improving equipment; and so on along those lines.

Some of the superpowers and specialties can be extreme - some may even seem silly - but, when employed in conjunction with the rest of the agency's resources, they make SEA the most powerful legal enforcement division in the country - perhaps the world.

All SEA field agents are required to prominently display the Shield of Arms somewhere on their outfit. This emblem is their badge and identifies them as SEAgents, endowed with the authority to uphold the law. This is tied to the Distinctive Features Disadvantage (akin to the Policeman's uniform) and the GM should make sure the character descriptions (In Heroic ID) detail the exact location (and that the location is so prominent that the badge cannot be hidden at any time).

This is extremely important, as there have been cases where villains were able to overturn their sentences due to the fact that the SEAgent did not "properly identify" him/herself.
The Supranormals Enforcement Agency
There is a persistent rumor concerning the existence of a League 13, a top-secret branch said to engage in rather... extreme practices.

League 13 is rumored to be heavily involved in Supranormal research, going so far as to "tag" superhumans and track their movements and actions - even imprison and study them under controlled environments, in a Stronghold known only as "The Shop."

Though the existence of League 13 has never been conclusively proven, the rumors surrounding it are both relentless and consistent, and have led to turmoil within the SEA. Like the
SRA itself, some agents are concerned that, if such a department exists, it could be engaging in human rights violations - and may be in violation of other laws and agreements. Other agents support the idea, noting that - if such an agency exists - it is apparently the department actually responsible for upholding the SRA, which absolves regular agents of dealing with the issue.

Another of the persistent rumors is that League 13 was originally the "X-Files" unit, which dealt with unexplained phenomena. It was the default department for dealing with supranormals, prior to their existence being verified. League 13's existence has always been officially denied.
League 13
Of course, not all SEAgents stay with the agency for the entirety of their careers. Several have gone on to solo crime-fighting, joined superpowered teams, even opened their own investigative agencies, and their SEA training and contacts have proven invaluable in these efforts. SEAgents sometimes work with heroes outside of the agency, but they are disallowed from (publicly) working with vigilantes or unregistered superheroes. The SEA also regularly works with other law enforcement agencies.

The Supranormal Enforcement Agency is divided into several lesser bureaus. These specialized departments handle specific tasks, such as research, investigation, legal matters, forensic investigations, and so on. Many of the workers within these branches are not superhuman, though they are highly-trained and even Talented. Speed readers work constantly, poring over rare and top-secret texts; researchers theorize and expound upon their hypotheses; powerful telepaths maintain complex systems of communication amongst various peoples and covert teams; designers develop and improve upon technologies, both known and unknown to the rest of the world; and so on down the line. Some branches exist only to maintain the ever-growing libraries and databases of information that other agents collect.

Some of these divisions will allow the characters access to powerful equipment, bases, and more. These may be represented in various ways, but the most useful is probably through a 1-5 pt.
Perk: Clearance, depending on what all he has access to. Characters that can requisition equipment will have to be considered on an individual basis; the ability could be a function of the character (pay for the equipment in points, as normal) or it might be expressed as a Perk, or even tied to a Skill (Bureaucratics).

Supranormal Enforcement Agent Package

KS: Law
Dist. Feat: Shield of Arms (In Costume Only) , Ext., ?
Duty, Very Often (14-)
Major Vow to Uphold Law
Monitored by SEA, 8-
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GMs are encouraged to develop these branches as needed, providing only as much detail as necessary for the campaign, leaving them open to expansion. For the most part, they involve gifted normals (Talents, Perks, and highly-skilled [25-75 {Skilled to Hero} point builds - p. 11]) and a few superhumans. Some are sedentary bureaus, while others are comprised of teams and specialists who travel to crime scenes and/or surrounding areas to accomplish their jobs.

Again, since they are not actual field agents who respond to crime calls, the package might not apply, but some of the entries should be common to them all. For instance, even sedentary agents would be required to dress in uniform, and/or display the Shield of Arms - even if only on specified grounds/areas or when "on-call" at a scene, etc.

The Supranormal Enforcement Agent Package
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