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Campaign Notes, Historical

All of this is copied directly from my notes of this campaign. It was one of the most successful I have ever run and the most successful Hero/Champions campaign I've mastered. I have no idea how much of this stuff is useful or applicable. I will get to editing it at some point but, for now, have at it.

What's more, these were obviously cribbed and I'm not even sure what some of this stuff means anymore.

Hitler's National Socialists gain power in Germany in 1933.
WWII Begins 09-01-1939: Germany invades Poland.
WWII Ends 09-02-1945: Japanese surrender to the Americans aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.



  • Great Britain - Commonwealth
  • France
  • USSR
  • China
  • United States
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Many smaller nations






Green Dragon
Justice ?
Rising Sun

Don't forget the importance of symbols in war. The exploding of the Third Reich sign over the Nazi's building is a piece of film history we have all seen. In the recent war in the Middle East, soldiers were often shown destroying the images of the leaders we were trying to fight. These symbols meant much more in the Golden Age, before mass communications flooded us with signs, symbols, and logos for every company, sports team, and organization in the world. America pilots regularly adorned their crafts with comic book characters, logos of popular products, and so on; some pilots kept visual body counts across their planes. Imagery was very important to morale and spirit during WWII.

Not as widely reported was Japan's particularly harsh actions during the war. Most movies and documentaries have not covered this well, due to our political relationship with the island since then. A little Internet research will turn up their atrocities, but be warned: many of these pictures and actions are as visceral (if not moreso) as those concerning the Holocaust, itself. The very existence of kamikaze pilots testifies to their determination and refusal to lose. Japanese villains -- even the heroes who support the war -- will very likely continue this tactic.


The United States has just recently entered the War, but the Japanese most certainly did awake a sleeping giant. The US government is not only well-aware of supernormals in their midst, but have already undertaken several operations to locate, recruit, and even train some of these.

One of their first propaganda efforts hints at this, noting the Nazis' attempts to not only create a super race but actual superhumans, then assuring readers that we have our own resources in place for such a possibility -- without ever coming right out and admitting any direct involvement or the like.

Aside from the large propaganda campaign, the US responds with deployed supernormals. Most of these forces are sent specifically to encounter the Axis' own superhumans, but some find their way into mass combat with otherwise normal troops (no more than one to a division). These operatives work mostly in secret, not publicly. Oddities surrounding them are explained away and generally lost in the shuffle (foo fighters, etc.), though a few manage to become interesting bits of news -- some are even properly identified as secret, experimental weapons, though none are ever attributed to actual operatives. Of course, rumor and supposition, both within the combat forces and abroad, go unbound. In particular, many troops are seriously concerned over the rumored Grellig experiment from Auschwitz, as many claim to have encountered it and testify to its horror.

Hooks and Adventures

Prof. Humphrey Stromwell
2 (6, 12)
3 rPD/rED
Norm Char Max

Armor: Ablative, flak jacket

Dressed as a normal soldier, the professor is introduced to the team as Lt. Stromwell (any with FAM: Military or INT 16+ will have the strong feeling that Stromwell is not combat trained; should he be required to fight, this will become painfully obvious very early on). They are asked to assure his complete protection and forewarned that certain factions, including Axis powers, are known to be on his trail. In fact, unofficial reports say he received a severed pinky in the mail earlier in the week; this is an ancient Japanese Yakuza stunt, suggesting his assassination. He is said to be a key member of a very important military campaign to be launched soon.

They will be stationed in the military compound for the night, with orders to remain on ground with Lt. Stromwell in sights at all times. They will relieve Stromwell to Gen. Strong's custody at dawn. He will be in an armored truck, filled with men, headed toward a classified destination, and the stop will appear to be a minor supplies delivery. Codeword, "rhubarb."

Info: Stromwell is actually a top scientist, developing the anti-toxins to several new strains of diseases he also worked to develop. These antidotes are still in the testing stages and are not being manufactured. This has become crucial, since the prototypes of the diseases were recently stolen (by Brickbat and Blur, for private factions).

Axis powers fully intend to kidnap the professor and impress him into their service. They will definitely attack that very night, as they are aware that he will be leaving in the morning (though they do not know the time or any other details -- especially not that Gen. Strong himself will be there). They will attempt to draw the PCs out of the base, but are not adverse to attacking it directly -- though this is, technically, against orders.

Info: Japan does have superpowers, though their abilities and limitations are unkown. The most famous of them consider their country's stand and actions to be atrocious (at least publicly) and are not suspect.

Info: Stromwell is dressed as a soldier. He is in Disguise (not his own; organized by a team of military professionals). Exceptional characters (PRE or INT?) may get a chance to see through this. As mentioned previously, those with FAM: Military will probably see through the ruse anyway (though not necessarily the physical Disguise).


Heavily-guarded Military Installation (20 stormtroopers)
Armored Walls - 13 DEF, 7 BODY -- Double Hardened.
High -voltage Electric Fence (4d6 STUN -- NND: rubber, insulation) surrounding parameters.
Reinforced with double-wrapped razorwire (d6 HKA).
One checkpoint, guarded on both sides (stormtroopers).

Stormtroopers as Soldier - Advanced.

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