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Bodiworx: Changing the face of time
Bodiworx is the multi-billion dollar fashion mega-conglomerate, with departments dedicated to clothing, personal hygiene, plastic surgery, and overall personal style and appearance. Bodiworx is also the leading corporation in cybernetics, and critics directly blame the corporation for their popularity. They have a technological division, responsible for many advances in the field. Bodiworx has significant holdings in Megacity: their base of operations, including several outlet stores, industrial factories and holdings, and offices are located here. Most of the lesser employees are housed in the city, as well. Bodiworx is not just a company, it's a brand, and its name is visible on many different products, including plastics, electronics, make-up and beauty products, movies and entertainment, its own fashion and style magazine, a media module channel, and more. Though many retail and service outlets provide and use Bodiworx products, only the specialty shops have the facilities for cybernetic surgery.        

Initial Banking: Your first thought in banking
The largest bank in the US and the second largest in the world. Almost all characters are assumed to have an Initial Banking account (except Poor and Destitute) unless the player specifically decides otherwise. Rates are reasonable and they offer a range of services at very competitive prices. Enterprising characters may be able to secure loans or even accrue wealth through their savings, as the GM sees fit (allowing them to purchase the Perks: Well-Off and Wealthy). For the most part, banking just ensures the character's savings aren't buried in the backyard or stuffed in the mattress and convenient ATMs and debit cards come in handy to the story more often than you might think. The only downfall is that everything is streamlined, computerized, and mechanical, with little to no attention to detail or personalized preferences; Initial has developed a bad reputation for not caring for their customers. Errors do happen - sometimes in the characters' favor - though not often. ATMs are extremely common in Megacity; they exist in almost all convenience stores, nightclubs, bars, restaurants, on street corners, and so forth. The character's bank account is also accessible from all media modules (Hueys).      

McDonald's: Though they now make the majority of their money catering and outsourcing to large industrial and corporate firms, McDonald's still leads the way in retail food outlets on the North and South American continents. Though nowhere near as plentiful as they once were, the chain has remained strong enough to boost at least one outlet in nearly every major community, and many minor ones. They now have a very large menu, catering to nearly every taste, often unique to the location. Their famous staples are still present: beefy-flavored french fries, the Happy Meal, Big Mac, Double Cheeseburger, their Breakfast Menu,, but they now also carry ethnic foods (primarily Tex-Mex, Chinese, and Italian) and boast a much more diverse dessert and drink menu. Though McDonald's is not centered in Megacity, the majority of fast food outlets in the city are McDonald's.        

Network 21: Real news, right now
Network 21 is a mega-conglomerate news agency and source. It bought-out many of the companies and newswires with which we are familiar today. This makes Network 21 the first news conglomerate to actually be its own source, which has more than once brought their ethics and journalistic integrity into question. Network 21 delivers news content 24/7/365 in every medium imaginable (paper/print is still used in some parts of the world) and was instrumental in the development and design of Flasheets. It merits repeating that there is no longer a separation between the Internet, radio, and TV (or print, in most of the world); all are digitized and fully interactive (home entertainment units, aka "Media Modules," "HEU," or "Hueys") and Network 21 is one of the most popular channels in the world.

SecurForce: The authority in authority
SecurForce is a securities management and consultation corporation which maintains large numbers of skilled men and women for all your enforcement and security needs. Whether you need a personal bodyguard or an entire policing force, SecurForce is your one-stop security shop - fully-trained crews are available, though very expensive and in short supply. Packages include everything from guards to dogs, transportation, troops specialized in specific actions and maneuvers - they even have storage and jailing facilities! SecurForce also trains your forces and offers valuable insight on security and criminal management through workshops and onsite seminars, as well as their own training grounds and courses. The teachers at SecurForce Academies are generally older, but in prime physical condition. They also employ specialized workers and forces, in addition to their regular troops - assumed to possess any specialized tools needed for their jobs, and usually a little extra armor and/or firepower. All employees are experts in Martial Arts, Tactics, and one work-related specialty (such as Electronics, Communications, Hand-to-Hand or Ranged Combat, etc.). The ranks are well-built, in excellent condition, and know a range of Martial Arts maneuvers (p. 31). They are trained to work well together in any situation, as well as alone (Tactics). SecurForce was the first to employ supes for specialized operations and guard duty. Supes obviously cost significantly more than regular units but are usually well worth their price. All supes who work for SecurForce are registered.

SportsNet: After buying-out ESPN and securing the contracts for Monday night football, the World Series, and the Stanley Cup playoffs, SportsNet became the source of sports news at every level. Its main broadcasting studios set in the heart of Megacity, but SportsNet is worldwide and its brand name has allowed it to branch out into many successful ventures, including a new line of sports equipment manufacturing, manufactured by Bodiworx.
Megacity Corporations
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GMs are encouraged to modify the list of corporations to suit their campaign world. Megacity is intentionally "grittier" and more realistic than the world found in most mainstream comic books and is more science-fiction-oriented than many. If this does not work for your campaign, you can downplay the corporations' stature or excise them completely, however they do add a wealth of background to any setting.
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