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Gandarewa, the Golden Heeled

Master of the Deep

Gandarewa the Golden Heeled may appear as though it is just another Creature of the Unknown, but it is deceptively powerful. In Ancient Persian tradition, Gandarewa is a god of immense size which sought to destroy the world. Paradoxically, some texts insist it was sometimes benevolent to mankind, though these beliefs and accounts are exceedingly rare; Gandarewa is rather universally known as a malevolent force.

While studious
S.A.V.E. agents correctly posit Gandarewa as the Water Elemental, envoys with direct experience regarding the cult, its members, or Gandarewa itself (these envoys number under a dozen, living) strongly disagree; Gandarewa, they insist, is a purely Evil Creature of the Unknown with no agenda other than mayhem.

Gandarewa is regarded as a god, or demigod, throughout the South Sea Islands and some areas of the Middle East and Central Asia. There are several cults dedicated to its praise, replete with hymnals, chants, a mythology that posits a race of Gandarewa that once ruled the earth, and even a bible collecting these tracts. One religion speaks of Gandarewa as a proud, dominant, and warring race that sees humans the way humans see fish.

However, worshippers are said to be able to find favor with the Master of the Deep, which then grants them inhuman powers. Humans who "find favor" are indeed granted special powers... as Minions - usually Drowned Ones (Horrors of North America, p.
57-58). There is even a Chant, performed only by the most foolhardy of believers, which Summons Gandarewa, and several hymnals contain it.

Gandarewa can only go inland under fog, which it usually generates itself. It is often flanked by Minions while traveling under this blanket of fog, which precedes its appearance by 1 round/turn. Gandarewa does prefer direct confrontations and fears nothing, but Gandarewa is clever enough to avoid going inland too far for too long. It lures its victims out to sea, if possible. The Summoning Chant works better under conditions beneficial to Gandarewa - such as on shore, under fog, on the water, etc.

Gandarewa and its Minions kill all summoners, by drowning if possible. The summoners are then turned into Minions (Drowned Ones) by Gandarewa. Gandarewa will simply kill those it cannot drown. Though Gandarewa is impervious to attack, it will depart if it starts losing too many Minions. It will also Summon as many Minions as it needs to defeat the summoners, up to the point of diminishing returns.

True religious devotees know the religion grants great powers, but usually only to greater numbers of servants. Wave of Fog and Neptune's Lantern are two such spells congregations, under the leadership of a priest, can cast. Note that these worshipers often see Gandarewa as a misunderstood outcast, hated for the fact that it is greater than Man and once ruled him. In this light, they may perform acts of good - such as summoning a wave of fog to protect crops - and attribute it to Gandarewa.

The original bible - the full written history of the Gandarewa, including how to banish/kill it - was buried at Oak Island. Bits of it have been recovered by drill and diver, so it is thought to be quite damaged and possibly destroyed. Buried along with it is the weapon made from Gandarewa's missing talon, the
Leiopoloka. The Leiopoloka affects all Creatures of the Unknown that are harmed by Items of Power, and does double damage to Gandarewa.

Nature and Tactics

The True Elemental of Water, it is uncertain as to why Gandarewa is so Evil - and it most assuredly is Evil. It is mercurial and unpredictable, but rarely chooses the "path of least resistance," preferring direct combat to cunning. This is also a dichotomy, as Gandarewa is known for its legions of Minions. Gandarewa is no more enamored with its minions than its worshippers, and has been known to devour them even in the midst of battle.

Gandarewa is plodding, but far from stupid, so direct combat is not always an option; Gandarewa is clever enough to know when to swim away from a fight. Its Minions do much of the Golden Heeled's work, which is only ever terror and destruction. Gandarewa's range of operations is relatively small and usually contained to Oceania, so it takes no pains to hide from Man, whom it hates. Many dismiss the claims of islanders and natives as superstition anyway, attributing deaths to any number of other causes. Gandarewa will manipulate its believers and throngs of followers to further any goals it has, but it rarely appears to them bodily unless it means to cause harm and destruction. Some offer it living sacrifices, but this is no surefire insurance policy; the Gandarewa may still decide to destroy them all.

It tries its best to lure victims to the water, where it can drown them. Its ultimate goal is turning its victims into Drowned Ones (
Minion). Gandarewa must also feed though, and loves human flesh. It is also a proponent of death and destruction for its own sake, so its motives are always unpredictable and largely at the CM's whim.

Gandarewa rarely creates regular Zombies, though it often creates Tupilaq. Gandarewa cannot create Flame Zombies or anything dealing with fire. Gandarewa fears fire and flees from it if it is not quickly extinguished.

Skills & Abilities

Gandarewa possesses the following Skills and Abilities in its natural form (Gandarewa has no other forms). Gandarewa knows enough about Seafaring, Fishing, and similar skills to prey upon seafarers and fishermen. It knows enough about Comparative Religion to understand its place in human existence. It does not know these things at any higher level. Gandarewa knows Hunting and Tracking for obvious reasons; it uses these skills against potential victims when it finds need.

Gandarewa never needs to make checks against
Swimming unless chasing a comparable Swimmer (M). Chase Rules can be found on pages 109-117 of the Chill Companion.

The Iblis

Gandarewa does not really make enemies, as it has absolutely no concern with, nor capacity to understand, other beings' feelings or motives. It is only its True Elemental nature that enflames its rivalry with the Iblis. However, Iblis truly fears and despises the Gandarewa and will hunt it through a system of Minions and human operatives, if possible. On various occasions, these operatives have included S.A.V.E. envoys - both unknowingly and otherwise. Unlike most, it prefers not to directly confront the Iblis, as it admires the Fire Elemental's hatred.

The Gandarewa has no dealings with the
Hodag and avoids the Wiesert. It has no knowledge of the Lord of the Plains.


- Things, p. 52

Gandarewa's profile needs to be changed with the following. A list of Servitor races and beasties (Minion, Summon) follows. Scores are based on the list "Average" score, though Gandarewa may be slightly more or less powerful by characteristic according to the campaign.

105 / 120 / 140 Change Weather (CHiLL, p. 161)

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Tupilaq - p. 241-242
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