The Hodag
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Hodag, the Earth Elemental

The Hodag

By all accounts, The Hodag is not truly Evil, though it is a Creature of the Unknown. Again, it depends on how you define "Evil": If selfishness and a total desire to simply be and lay waste to whatever impedes that constitues evil, then The Hodag can certainly be considered evil; however, it has no desire to spread wanton destruction.

The Hodag is the simplext form of the Earth, rock, ans stone. Slow-moving and unerring, it is a creature unlike any other and has always been known to exist on the Prime Material Plane. Some even doubt that it is a Creature of the Unknown; possibly even a dinosaur or dragon, Howeverm it does possess Disciplines of the Evil way which make it a formidable foe should anyone ever decide to put an end to it.

Skills & Abilities

There are numerous mistakes in the original write-up of the Hodag in Horrors of North America. One of the most glaring is a lack of Skills and Abilities the Hodag possesses. The following list completes that:
There is no Discipline beginning with "Call." This may have been a unique ability,m but it was obviously lost to printing error if that was the case. The Hodag has Gnarl - T only; M level allows the possessor to Gnarl worked metal and the Hodag's limitations are ores and metals. While it remains the Earth Elemental, and ores and metals are obviously natural, worked metal does not belong here.

Nature and Tactics

The Hodag is oblivious to all and everything. It may not even realize it is a Creature of the Unknown. It is aware though, and will call Swarm to protect itdself and drive away potential predators or simple onlookers. It does not enjoy being seen, though it takes little precautions to avoid such. Most alarmingly, the Hodag will often leap away from onlookers - a non-violent but definitely scary escape.

The Hodag hunts small animals and has no known natural predators. It strays from the Lord of the Plains' territories and the Lord of the Plains appears to respect the territory of the Hodag. The Hodag is unique, despite what has been written about it.  It is unknown to the Gandarewa and ignored by the Iblis.

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- Things, p. 64

101 / 116 / - Gnarl
- / - / - Call

There is no Discipline of the Evil Way which starts with "Call;" this is merely a typo. Although I could find no proof of this is any of the editions, it may have been "Call Rain" at some point during playtesting/writing.
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