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Iblis - The Fire Elemental

The Fire Elemental

The Iblis is, without a doubt, the Fire Elemental. In fact, the Iblis is often used as the example which "proves" the theory of the basic Elementals as Creatures of the Unknown. Iblis is ancient, primal, and insatiable, and appears in some religions as the ultimate Evil. Other religions praise Iblis in one form or another for these same qualities.

Iblis' appetites are insatiable and it thinks nothing of how its actions affect others. In one sense, it can be argued that Iblis is not intentionally Evil, simply selfish beyond compare. Iblis is as prideful as it is inscrutable. In fact, it is said that Iblis is a fallen angel who refused to kneel before the Elemental Benevolence; others say it is the vestige of a corrupt envoy dismissed from
S.A.V.E , pursued forever by the Wiesert. Whatever its true origin, proud is its truest nature. Iblis can sometimes be outwitted if its ire can be raised, and attacking its ego is a clever approach.

Iblis avoids high altitudes, water, fog, and moisture at all costs in any form. Iblis will travel by air, but not by water. Iblis cannot fly; this is merely an illusion of its movement in flame form. Iblis knows all of the Things capable of summoning Wall of Fog and similar
EWD and avoids them. Iblis may side with Man against its most hated, and common, foe but make no mistake: Iblis is above Man and knows it.

If the Iblis becomes upset or is reduced to 0
WPR, it reverts to its flame form. Iblis will usually depart the area and avoid all witnesses rather than kill them, though it may cause as much destruction as possible on its way out. Iblis can only be harmed in one manner and this affects it in all forms. This is why Iblis will flee if "outed," rather than stand its ground and fight. Much like the Greater Zombie Master, the Iblis far prefers keeping a low profile to wanton death and destruction in plain sight. Iblis destroys Frozen Dead (Things, p. 51) on sight.

Iblis maintains retreats around the world. Each is guarded day and night by one or more Flame Zombies (
Things, p. 50). Iblis is unconcerned with the loss of Minions, but will be enraged by the disrespect of anyone daring to break-in or "crash" one of its pads. Some of these places are no more than caves, or a spot in an alleyway at the back of a burned-out convenience store beneath an abandoned bridge - others are plush manses, apartments, and homes. While Iblis may own airplanes and even ships, it cannot have a moving retreat. Iblis' lair lay in the Antarctic; its lair in the Unknown is a smoldering, burnt-out cairn.

Nature and Tactics

As a True Elemental, Iblis' attitude and personality are completely tied to the nature of fire - it is tempestuous, smoldering, selfish, and driven of a single purpose. Iblis does not truly hate mankind as much as see it as yet another race of beings beneath itself. Somewhat paradoxically, Iblis is intensely interested in human affairs, politics, and social culture. While death and destruction are part of fire's nature, fire is a part of nature as a whole, and has its own role to play in that cycle; Iblis' desire to spread death and destruction is driven by a need to consume, and rarely any darker motive. Iblis' selfish nature makes it nigh-unstoppable in its desire.

Of course, Iblis makes enemies and simply does not like some people, places, and things. This is true of Iblis in all its many human guises and identities, as well as its true nature, both on Earth and in the Unknown. Iblis can be a Information Source (
ChiLL, p. 61) in human form, though the other party is extremely unlikely to know its true identity.

Iblis has no followers, though it does have Contacts like a PC. Iblis rarely makes regular Zombies or Tupilaq, and it cannot make zombies based on water (Drowned Ones, Frozen Dead, et. al.). It destroys Frozen Dead on sight for its ability to Create Water.

Skills and Abilities

Aside from the modifications noted in the sidebar, the Iblis retains its profile as published (Things, p. 61), but it has the following Skills in either form, regardless of gender:

Gandarewa: The Water Elemental

The rivalry between Iblis and Gandarewa is a natural extension of their Elemental compositions. However, Gandarewa does not place much emphasis on the nature of their conflict - certainly not a much as Iblis. While Iblis may seek-out Gandarewa and its Minions for destruction, and even work with Man against it, Gandarewa will only seek conflict if confronted directly by the Fire Elemental. This will almost never happen, as noted above.

Gandarewa's part in this is reluctant, as Iblis' hatred is based almost solely on fear. However, both are True Elementals and natural foes.

Iblis avoids the Hodag, but does not fear it.


- Things, p. 61

Iblis has the following Evil Way Disciplines, in addition to those listed in its description. It does not have Flight.

100 / 115 / 135 White Heat (CHiLL, p. 170)
105 / 120 / 140 Master Fire (
Things, p. 103)
- / - / - Flight

Fear -10 / -30 (in Elemental form)

Flame Zombie
Things, p. 50


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