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Disciplines of The Art

The Art and The Evil Way

It is important to note that the Chill Companion describes The Art and The Evil Way as a system of Ritual Magick. Voodoo introduces a new system while remaining in-line with the established system, confusing matters. However, few campaigns include the information from that book unless it is specific to the game. Horrors of North America explains that, in the game, S.A.V.E. does not consider Art or the Evil Way to be "magic," but the channeling of the Unknown. The Companion explains that this is, in fact, what "magick" is within the framework of the Chill game. It is just as important for the players to understand this as it is for the characters not to.

The Art and The Evil Way are both utilized by channeling the Unknown, and Ritual Magick is too. While they do not necessarily abide by the rules for Ritual Magick systematically (as explained in the
Companion), The Art and The Evil Way are one example of a system of Magick. For the most part, characters in the game maintain a clear division between Ritual Magick and Disciplines of The Art and Evil Way.

21 of Unknown Providence explains how to handle tribal magick, reinforcing these observations. These rules apply to any group attempting to cast a ritual or spell, not just Amer-Indians or those practicing animistic or shamanistic magick.

All of The Art Disciplines introduced in
Voodoo are actually Ritual Magick spells in the Vincent campaign, with three exceptions: Aura Reading (C, p. 42), Invisibility (P, p. 49), and Physical Protection (P, p. 49). You will note that there is an Exorcism spell in the Companion (p. 88) though it is listed as a Discipline in Voodoo (p. 44). Voodoo, or Vodoun, is a Ritual Magick system in the Vincent Campaign; others could include Enochian Magick, The Middle Pillar, and Abra-Melin. We do not go into detail to the extent that we include these real life branches of the Occult, though - like Voodoo - there are practicing groups and systems of Ritual Magick based loosely on these, and others. Voodoo is considered along these lines.

Note that The Vincent Campaign includes several systems of Magick, including that introduced in
Voodoo, but only in small doses and when it is specific to the game. For example, if the game includes a Houngan - including a PC who wishes to play such a character - then those rules are assumed to be in effect. But if the campaign merely uses some slighter aspects of the book - such as Items of Power or Creatures of the Unknown found within - then the concepts and systems are more flexible and only bits and pieces may be used.

This goes for all aspects of the game - such as when Vampires or Werewolves are in-play, for example.

While the rules introduced in these books are always assumed to be in effect to some degree, they are usually only recognized tangentially; when the subjects of these books come into direct play, the rules and concepts of those supplements are assumed to be in full effect. Otherwise, these expansion sets, and the rules presented within them, are generally accepted to exist and be in effect, but are not necessarily recognized during play. This is because the game can be played without these rules ever coming into effect, as these rules are specific to their subjects, so unless these subjects are in-play, there is no need for the rules in the expansion sets.

Because The Art and Evil Way Disciplines are always in-play, the rules regarding them are always in full effect. Advancing Disciplines works the same as advancing skills.

Collected Disciplines of The Art

Following is a collection of The Art Disciplines from the entire 2nd-Edition canon. The listings include the book and page number where the Discipline can be found. If you do not own the book, but choose to play the Vincent Campaign, note that the Disciplines still exist within the game (as the Vincent Campaign utilizes all of the books in the 2nd-Edition canon), they just won't be available to PCs.

There are many reasons this could happen. The local
S.A.V.E. chapter might not have encountered these Disciplines. No one in the area has been gifted with the Discipline; it's a regional affectation. Similarly, a powerful Item or Creature may be suppressing access to the Unknown in the area or to the envoys, resulting in limited access to Disciplines. And so on...

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C - Communicative
- Protective
- Restorative
- Incorporeal
Clairvoyant/Prescient DreamChill37-
Telepathic EmpathyChill37-
Telepathic SendingChill37-
Detect UnknownThings1144
Locate ObjectThings114-
Aura ReadingVoodoo42-
Command SnakesVoodoo461, 2
Summon SnakesVoodoo461, 2
Incorporeal AttackChill38-
Leave the BodyChill38-
Incorporeal ImprisonmentThings116-
Incorporeal LockThings116-
Speak to CorporealThings117-
Coup PoudreVoodoo471, 2
Coup L'AireVoodoo471, 2
EndowVoodoo481 , 2
Ideoplasmic ManipulationApparitions91-
Psychoplasmic SendingApparitions92-
Send ApparitionApparitions92-
Mental ShieldChill40-
Raise PerceptionChill40-
Sphere of ProtectionChill40-
Astral ArmorThings117-
Line of DefenseThings117-
Physical ProtectionVoodoo491
Feat of StrengthChill42-
Restore StaminaChill42-
Restore WillpowerChill42-
ExorcismVoodoo442, 3
Spiritual HealingVoodoo442

1 - Powers of the Twilight
2 - Spell: This Discipline exists as a Ritual Magick spell and may not be available as a Discipline.
3 - See Chill Companion, p. 88
4 - Detect Unknown is Sense the Unknown; keep in Communicative School, but excise Detect Unknown as separate Discipline. These Disciplines are one in the same.