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Eastgate is largely the original settlement that became known as Vincent. It contains many of the city's most historic districts, buildings, and features. However, it is close to the docks, which are known as one of the seedier areas of Olde Vincent. Beside the stately brownhouses and free-standing manses are strip clubs, cash advance stations, and liquor stores. Eastgate is proud of the wharf and docks and the businesses supporting, and supported by, them, and tolerant of the rest. Where Olde Vincent is often publicly perceived as conservative and stodgy, Eastgate is actually known for its open cafes, warehouse clubs, and late night activities.

The Public Library and The Nine

The Main Public Library resides at 728 Derleth Dr., adjoining historical Argenti Hall - also known as "The Nine." The library is a large building with three floors, the managerial offices of which are located on the first. The second and third levels contain aisles of books. The third floor requires a library or college ID, as many of the books have great historical value.

Club Nine
, a private gentlemen's society which dates back to the 1800s, remains open day and night but is only accessible to members. It has "adopted" a portion of the Main Public Library which remains available to members at all times, but the Main Public Library maintains regular 9-5 hours. There is an iron gate which is lowered at closing time, separating the actual library from Club Nine, so only those books (many of which were donated by members) remain available to Club Nine Society members after hours.

The Library and Society work together quite often, holding gala affairs and presentations in the Nine's large hall, though there is no taxable or similar affiliation; the two are separate entities and operate accordingly.

One must have Investigation - T to acquire a library pass allowing access to the third floor books. The volumes donated by The Nine are available to anyone during normal library hours and are located on the first floor. A library, college, or even Press pass does not allow access to The Nine at any time.

Memorial Pass Gardens and Hitchcock Hill

The first cemetery in Vincent, some of the headstones date back to the 1700s. Ghost hunters and headstone etchers can often be found here late at nights, as can prostitutes and delinquents. Politicians have tried to have the wrought iron gates closed around it for years to stop crime, but no bill has passed yet; residents enjoy the cemetery and many view it more as a park than final resting grounds.

Memorial Pass is a truly breathtaking cemetery, dotted with mausoleums and memorials. Stone angels spread their wings over marbled gravestones the caretakers ensure remain free of grafitti and debris. While some detractors have mentioned the sinkhole that appears in a certain area of the grounds, most of Memorial Pass stretches up the side of Hitchcock Hill. It is said that you once could see all of Vincent from the top of Hitchcock Hill, though that is no longer the case today, thanks mostly to the large buildings downtown.


There used to be three newspapers in Vincent: The Daily, The Tribune, and The Weekly. Today, there are only two, though The Weekly is considered less a newspaper and more a "circulation." The Tribune bought-out The Daily years ago and weighs-in at a hefty 2-3 lbs. on the weekend. The Vincent Weekly is a free publication from a non-profit organization  which includes classified ads, club events, and local gossip.

is the premiere pop/rock and news station of the city, but the younger demographic prefers KILD, which plays heavy metal, hardcore, and hardcore rap with little talk. But Vincent is awash in the underground and artists and one can barely turn the dial without picking-up something, whether it be another traditional radio station or someone's pirated broadcast. NPR is available, as are other national broadcast stations offering a variety of fare across numerous genres.

Three Bridges

Romero River separates Eastgate from downtown Vincent. There are three bridges, miles apart, that connect the isthmus to the mainland. Two lead into The Diamond (Downtown) - one near the asylum and Museum, and another near the mall. The bridges - Niles Bridge, DePalma Bridge, and Roth Bridge - are all toll bridges. Roth bridge is a tunneled passageway beneath which runs the subway connecting the entirety of the city.

Those with a Transit Pass must use Roth Bridge, but those with Travel and Citywide Passes can use any of the three. You can also drive to Eastgate under The Diamond past Stone Manor, but the road is dangerous and should probably be closed. It is banked by eroding cliffs.

Smaller Things

A few other features include the Holy Mother Hospital, the Vincent Museum, the Vincent Mental Healthcare Facility, and the University of Vincent. Animal Island, the zoo on the island in the bay, is also accessible from Eastgate. All of these but the Holy Mother Hospital are located in the southern part of the district, near Stone Manor; Holy Mother Hospital is located in the northern sector of Eastgate, off Niles Bridge. A ferry transports visitors to the zoo. Animal Island can be seen plainly from the mainland on clear days, and the smell sometimes wafts into the city.

The bridges cross Romero River, which separates New Vincent from Olde Vincent. Both are considered the City of Vincent, just disparate neighborhoods. The docks are surrounded by warehouses, bait and tackle shops, boat rental shops, and seedy establishments of the adult variety. There are also plenty of liquor stores, convenience stores, and mom and pop restaurants and sandwich shops. There are lots of clubs and dive bars, as well as the occasional sports bar (those are more appropriate in the Downtown area, or New Vincent).

But Eastgate is largely upscale residential. There are many historic homes in the area, and many historical buildings. Although there are several economy lodgings, the hotels of Eastgate are usually historic and expensive. A character with C wealth can afford to stay about one night a week; wealthier characters can afford to live there. Note the Transit Pass Table on the Vincent Index page [

Romero River is largely manmade; it was originally a streambed. The city widened it to support the shipping industry, and to separate the districts. This separation was strengthened during and following the Civil War. Olde Vincent is dominated by Gothic architecture and cobblestone sidewalks. Gas lamps, or electric lights made in the form of gas lamps, are also common in the nicer areas of Eastgate. All of Olde Vincent is considered historical, though not all of it is legally protected as such.

The weather can be unpredictable due to the harbor. It is often foggy and misty, and small storms (squalls) frequently crop-up. The Roth Bridge subway tunnel stays clogged throughout the day, but is almost completely abandoned after midnight. It is not particularly known for crime now, but has been in the past. The southern part of the district is generally referred to as "the country."

Eastgate is the most integral part of Olde Vincent, aside from the docks themselves.
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