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Horror Icons

When I started doing this project, almost two years ago, it was one of few departments like it. Many had a lot of pics of horror icons and sometimes videos but almost none of them actually discussed the characters or the movies.

Since then, a number of wiki -type sites have popped-up with loads of information on these horror icons and the movies in which they were featured. Most of them repeat the same information and apparently rely on SEO tactics to rank in the engines. I've included links to the best ones I found.

Like every page on the site, be sure to hover over everything for more information, as almost everything as a purpose beyond just being these (almost everything - some things are just there).

This is an ode to the great cinematic icons of horror. I hope you enjoy it. We make frequent allusions to more obscure and lesser-known icons along the way and hope the department continues to grow over the years to include even more than just the standard icons of horror.

The Odd and Unexplained

Writer/Director, Wes Craven
Fred "The Hammer" Williamson
Lucio Fulci
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark