Downtown.  The cultural center, and in many ways the heart of Metrodome, Chandler is packed with commerce, trendy entertainment venues and social outlets; posh residential buildings and private housing; and bustling crowds.  It is populated by the affluent and influential and frequented by basically everyone.  Encircled by the corporate arcologies of the surrounding industrial parks, Chandler is a bright and clean, but also, often seedy, place. It is characterized by Art Deco murals on the sides of teeming, Gothic structures which are illuminated by neon lights and holoweb imagery.  Chandler has a flavor all its own, markedly different from the rest of Metrodome - because it was, in fact, once a separate city altogether, before the 'Dome swallowed it whole... along with its suburbs.

Chandler is an anomaly of Metrodome, if not the entire Dark Conspiracy world, as it is a true community.  Most of the populace have lived here their entire lives and have a true sense of fellowship; they take pride in their neighborhood and are willing to fight for its continued safety and prosperity.  As no corporations exist within its accepted boundaries, Chandlerans like to brag that they are a free city and that their public officials are actually elected by the public.  Of course, everyone knows that while the corporations may not directly take office, they still run the show; at the very least, no one the corporations think could prove troublesome gets much further than announcing his or her candidacy. Still, the public pride is infectious as well as useful to the corporations who wish to downplay their political involvement, and Chandler is often recognized and touted as a "free city" by both its inhabitants and others.

To their credit, Chandler officials do tend to play by the rules, and since Chandler's main income is from tourism and trade, as opposed to any corporate entity directly, most of the Powers That Be allow them to regulate themselves (though they keep a tight leash on their external influence and eyes are everywhere).  Plus, the tourism helps fill the corporate coffers and increase awareness of their products, due to their close proximity.  To these ends, no single corporation actually has the smoking gun to put to Chandler's figurative head.

All the roads are fit for vehicles (and Chandler is one of the few places in Metrodome where autos are still a fairly common sight outside of Deathrace season) and lined with sidewalks.  Several of the main thoroughfares also have separate bike/PTS lanes.  Greater Metrodome police often work in tandem with local cops, patrolling irregularly but always on-call (but it is important to note that Metrodome cops are not, as a rule, as Aware as Chandler's).  Chandler police are world-renowned for their efficiency and expertise, though sometimes scrutinized for their brutality.  They undergo stringent, frequent training and conditioning and are very well equipped.  They use bikes, horses, and even cars, and saturate the main commercial thoroughfares with flatfoots during primetime (they are still present, though less frequent, at all other times). You are basically guaranteed to see a cop wherever there is a crowd.

Far less well-known is just how Aware Chandler is, as a whole.  The area is no stranger to Minion activity and amongst the general Chandler populace, the going impression is that one would have to be crazy not to believe in "Things that go bump in the night."  Aside from their brutal (however effective) maneuvers, heavily choreographed tactics, and state-of-the-art equipment, Chandler police are also recognized by their Serengeti Vermillions which, although not officially a part of any uniform, are de rigueur for the majority of the force.

Chandler's main commercial strips are also notorious for their high-end prostitution and brisk drug trade.  Other popular tracks exist to be sure, but they are of lesser quality and run by shadier operatives.  As in most popular cities, there exists a vast and powerful underground network, but the movers and shakers in Chandler are the truly rich and affluent, not just "players;" this is Metrodome's Dream Zone outside those of the corporate parks.  The players in Chandler, in fact, run shit.  To their credit, local cops keep things in line, but tend to go easier on locals; while they prowl the strips scoping "out-of-towners" looking for a good time, they usually let the local dealers, runners, and prostitutes off with a warning (if that).  For the most part, they are unconcerned with these small fish, and the overall effect this well-known "vice trap" creates (one of paranoia and uncertainty) helps control the area.  For this reason, local criminals are usually all too happy to turn on whomever the cops ask them to whenever caught.
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The infamous tabloid's home offices are located on Marlowe Rd., in the very heart of Chandler itself.  The Bottom Line employs at least 50 people at any time -- everyone from yellow journalists to secretaries and telemarketers, and all points between.  If PCs don't fit one of these job descriptions, it should be mentioned that The Bottom Line is one of the most openly Aware publications in all of the Dark Conspiracy world -- they would never put a journalist in the field without adequate protection.  And while funds are not unlimited, the budget includes such provisions as weaponry and other equipment Minion Hunters find necessary.  The Bottom Line is also one of the best places to contact members of the Resistance (several of whom work for the publication).
St. Christopher's Hospital

While Chandler is bordered by the corporate giant, BioMed, many people distrust the place (and/or corporations, in general) and BioMed has its own admissions guidelines which must be met (not to mention that you can't just drop someone off outside its gates and expect them to be helped).  St. Christopher's is a government-run institution with no corporate affiliation that cannot deny anyone emergency service -- insurance or no.  This includes a bed and sustenance if the character is brought in unconscious (only until he comes to and is mobile).  It is also heavily supported by the community and various, anonymous patrons, making it a very sophisticated hospital of high quality.  Medical personnel have Medical of 5+.  St. Christopher's is located on Marriott Dr.
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