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  • Location:  Dreamland - Agricorp / Rural, Farmland.  BioDyne's main offices (where visitors and deliveries are received) are located within the dome, in the area known as The Summerlands, which is the agricorp's "hot house."  The rest of it sprawls the outlying countryside, on the other side of the river above Rushian Hills, and extends outside the Dome from behind the megacorp. Other structures are parking garages and living quarters, as well as the processing plant (where shipping is also conducted).

  • Financial Status:  Obviously wealthy - Corporation.

  • Police:  Heavy, Corporate

  • Crime:  Light. What crime there is would be internal and corporate in nature; very little "street" crime (see below), largely because there are few streets and only corporate employee living facilities.

  • Minion ActivityModerate.  The agricorp is so large, it is not evident to any but the most ardent of investigators.  See following.


The Metrodome Dark Conspiracy campaign setting agricorp lay off the highway on the outskirts of the city, beyond Rushian Hills and above BioMed.  It consists of several factories, hangars, processing plants, and other large structures, as well as the smaller housing centers.  The agricorp has one tenement building on its lands, but has bought out apartment buildings and hotels in Rushian Hills, mainly for visiting dignitaries, as well as high-ranking corporate officials.

In the fields, BioDyne uses something like a feudal caste system as the basis of its operations: like plantations of old, many workers live in smaller houses on large tracts of land, overseen by field managers who most often live in a larger house on the same tract of land.  The field manager controls several assistant and co- managers, each of whom have at least one secretary or personal assistant.  These are the officials who actually manage the workers and may reside in the main house or in one of their own (very rarely, they will all reside in one large structure -- with their own private quarters, of course).  Workers are not indentured servants by any means; they are paid and skilled laborers (
Farmers, Factory Workers, and Mechanics mostly) who are provided housing as part of their wages.  Most of these are private, free-standing residences, clustered together in what are known as Outposts. There is one outpost per one or two fields, dependent on the crop being grown.

For example, peas are grown on seven fields, altogether.  Two sets of two fields lay side-by-side, and so one work team is assigned to each of these sets of fields.  The other three fields are generally close to one another, but not side-by-side, so one team is assigned to each of these. All told, in this example, there would be five outposts to cover the seven fields in which peas are grown. While it is fine to map-out these fields and their relationships to one another, as well as the outposts, the only permanent fixtures of these maps will be the outposts themselves, as crops are rotated throughout the fields annually. The GM has more information on outposts.

The core of the corporation's field workforce is mechanized (DC, p. 313; DT, p.91 - Repair Drone), which requires a sizable technical team.  While Farmers assess the data gathered by these bots and so forth, they also walk/ride the fields to monitor and evaluate employees, situations, effectiveness, and more; they often work as the overseers of one, or two, fields/sections of field.  They may take cuttings, taste wares (rarely - too many chemicals before processing), and perform similar tasks.  Many Farmers work in controlled environments - cross-breeding plants to ensure better quality foods, increase output, develop sturdier plants, and similar genetic and botanical procedures.  The corporation also has its own teams of doctors, legal assistants, public image handlers, mechanics, computer specialists, and more - just like any present-day corporation - not to mention the general Factory Workers and Managers, of whom the majority of the human labor force is comprised.  All told, several occupations are suited for play within the agricorp's structure, and (obviously) any occupation can somehow become involved with goings-on in, and around, BioDyne.

Like any other corporation, BioDyne is tightly organized - not just anyone can hop the fence and have a snack.  What's more, it's common knowledge that agricorps use very powerful - sometimes deadly - poisons, chemicals, and designer plagues and virii to control their crops, so not just anyone wants to hop the fence and have a snack!  Like most corporations, Security Passes are a must, and extreme force may be used on those without proper clearance.

The entire BioDyne district is surrounded by a 20' chainlink fence, behind which runs a 100' wide moat reputedly filled with chemicals.  The heavy concrete stations (approximately 1 every 200-250 yards, assume fewer in outlying field areas) rise 200', bear at least 2 guards (see below), and are equipped with huge (IR optional) floodlights with 360° turning ranges.  Each light cones a 50' area for up to 1/2-mile, and is so intense that they are visible from miles away.  The grounds are heavily secured by both 'bot and human forces, not to mention closed-circuit cameras, and alarms.  BioDyne also maintains a vast army of
Trackers (DT, p. 80).

Unlike most other corporations, BioDyne doesn't have to do a lot of lobbying; they eschew most political issues (publicly, at least) unless said issues [could] have a direct effect on their organization, or how they conduct business.  After all, BioDyne provides Metrodome's, and many other places', food - their very sustenance! - so, like BioMed, they pretty much call the shots behind the scenes.  Most of BioDyne's politicking is done over finely polished dinner tables, behind the closed doors of posh offices.

Recently, the agricorporation's fields have been continually invaded by a group known only as The Marauders.  According to the corporation, they have stolen and polluted product, as well as defaced the fields and crops, most notably with elaborate crop circles.  They have used the company's own chemicals against them, left both cryptic and pointed messages in many forms, and created a PR nightmare for BioDyne, but they have yet to be actually intercepted by security forces.  The only real evidence of their vandalism and theft has been recorded on security camera or discovered long after they have vanished (in the case of the crop circles).

While a number of resident workers had reported sightings of "savages" and "feral children" for years, these were largely dismissed.  Those who have encountered the so-called "Marauders" describe them as frightening in appearance, but seemingly non-aggressive, and incredibly "sneaky."  At least one recorded encounter describes a Marauder "simply disappearing" into a field of low-growing crops, where there was little to no vegetation and few obstacles which would conceal a person's location or movement.
BioDyne Police
Guards, as State Patrol - DC, p. 48

STR: 6, CON: 6, AGL: 5

Business 1, Interrogration 2, Observation 2, Small Arms (Rifle) 4, Unarmed Melee 3, Armed Melee 2
BioDyne uses Kraus Maffei-Deere™ equipment, exclusively:
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