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The Biomedical zaibatsu of Metrodome
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BioMed - The Medical Zaibatsu

BioMed's corporate complex occupies 12 city blocks, neighboring (most prominently) Chandler.  It consists of a 20-story hospice with two annexes and a 16-story office building (Dream Zone); two 14-story apartment buildings (precinct); a large parking garage adjacent to a 7-story factory (Bot City); and a large, central courtyard (Mike Town).  Each of these occupies roughly one square block.  The rest of the complex is comprised of commercial outlets (including motels and a hotel, but no graveyards) and private housing.  While BioMed is exceptionally clean and officials will never publicly admit it, there are some anthills on the fringes of the sector. Those between BioMed and Chandler are notably rough, while those leading to BioDyne are rumored to be Marauder territory and often quiet.

Three separate, chainlink fences surround the entire park, isolating it from the rest of the city.  The outer two are 35' tall, the middle is 10'.  They are covered with Kevlar netting (AV 1) to impede cutting.  All are topped with razorwire, watched by footpatrol (1 every 10 minutes), and generally visible to the stationed guards.  There are four entrances - one on each side.  The north and south entrances allow for vehicles, while the other two accommodate only pedestrians and small transport (scooters and bikes).
BioMed doctors receive +2 Medical due to the technology available to them.  The Average Medical score of the staff is 7 and BioMed accepts no less than a 5 (and then only if the applicant "shows promise"); BioMed hires only the best.  The corporation uses robots for many repetitive duties - cleanbots, manufacturing bots, and so forth - and surgical robotics are prominent, but humans still outnumber them by almost 2:1.

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