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These additional rules and clarifications have been extensively playtested and are certified by The Weirding as being congruent with the established 2nd-Ed. system as published. These expansions and clarifications to the established rules set will significantly alter your game and experience. Care should be taken to read the information carefully and discuss it with the troupe before deciding whether or not they are appropriate for your game.

deals with subjects some may find controversial, such as death, violence, gore, horror and suspense, and the Occult. The rules and materials provided are in no way meant to suggest The Weirding, OtherWorld Creations, Mayfair, or any other entity, individual, or group involved in the creation and dissemination of these materials condones violence or Occult practices. All information is fictitious and meant only to be used in the context of the tabletop roleplaying game, Chill. Chill, SAVE, Menaces, Ritual Magick, and religion as presented here - and all components thereof - are all fictional subjects loosely-based on real-world concepts and are presented solely for use in a fictional, roleplaying environment as part of a tabletop game. We cannot be held responsible for individuals' actions.

This is not a subversive or satirical work. All material is specifically tied to the context of the game and meant to be read in such a manner; none of this material has any higher purpose of communications than facilitating play of the game, itself. This is not an incendiary or subversive work.

The Weirding
presents Chill campaign materials which are
inappropriate for children and people under the age of 18. Chill @ The Weirding is rated AO - Adults Only.

By viewing this material, you have agreed to The Weirding Terms of Service, which indicate you are 17 years of age or older, under penalty of perjury. The Weirding cannot be held responsible for minors accessing this, or other, content. Please take a moment to read the brief TOS.

Neither OtherWorld Creations, Mayfair, Growling Door, nor Pacesetter is responsible for material presented on The Weirding. All rights to CHiLL and the CHiLL 2nd-Ed. gaming system belong to Mayfair Games.

Chill @ The Weirding
was developed using the entire 2nd-Ed. canon, originally published by Mayfair. While you will get the most out of this site by having access to all of these books, you only need the two, core books to play. You absolutely need both Chill and Chill Companion to use the material presented on this site.

You can download the introductory insert for free to familiarize yourself with the system.

ChiLL 2nd.-Ed.
is copyright 1990-2012, Mayfair Games.
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