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More Things

More Things

The ChiLL system contains a wide assortment of the Unknown, from Creatures of the Unknown to Items of Power, the Disciplines of the Art and Evil Way, and the Unknown dimension itself. Some of these are clearly defined, such as Soul Stones (Horrors of North America, p. 80), while others are merely hinted at. Some terms and concepts need further definition just for discussion.


The term, "Things," refers to a host of concepts related to the Unknown. These include Creatures of the Unknown (Menaces, q.v.), Items of Power, Disciplines of the Art and Evil Way, the Unknown as a dimension and element, and more. Psychic powers technically do not fall into the category of the Unknown as described (Companion, p. 98), but are included in the gaming term "Things."


A Menace is typically the heavy in an adventure or campaign. Technically speaking, Menaces can be of any Type, but are usually Master or Independent. When facing the Gandarewa, the envoys may come across several Things - from Drowned Ones to Kul - but Gandarewa is the Menace. This is largely just a gaming term and concept; all Creatures in the Chill RPG are collectively known as "Creatures of the Unknown."

Technically, a free-willed Minion or Servitor could become a Menace - after all, basically every Creature of the Unknown is more powerful than normal human beings and wants little more than to cause mayhem and spread destruction. When any Creature becomes "The Heavy," or the focus of an adventure or campaign, it is properly termed a Menace.

Lairs and Retreats

A Lair is a Creature's actual home. Here, it collects the usual things anyone collects about their home, although since these are Creatures of the Unknown, their idea of "normal" is a bit skewed. All Creatures are at a disadvantage when confronted in their Lair, as they can be destroyed there. Whether this means destroyed forever or simply banished to the Unknown for a certain time depends on the creature and situation, but even those creatures impervious to normal weapons can be affected in their Lair.

Not every Creature of the Unknown has a Lair, though these Things generally do have one or more retreats. Generally speaking, Creatures of the Unknown can have only one Lair and this is always in the Unknown. However, there are Things that maintain lairs in our dimension. Very few Creatures can have more than one Lair and of those that do, not all will choose to have more than one.

If a Creature of the Unknown maintains a Lair in the physical plane and can only be killed while in its Lair, it can be destroyed if it is in its Lair on the physical plane. There are very few Creatures of the Unknown with this capability - vampires and the Iblis are two such Menaces - but they can be destroyed in any Lair, regardless of whether or not that Lair is in the Unknown. These Menaces are well aware of this, but envoys do not necessarily know that. Creatures that cannot shift back to the Unknown, or prefer not to, can still maintain Lairs on the physical plane.

A Retreat is merely a location or locale where the Creature can "hibernate" or rejuvenate - somewhere it can go to rest and replenish. It may or may not have any connection to the Unknown, but it never counts as a Lair and Creatures are not bound to them, nor to any rules or obligations, as with Lairs.

Skills, Abilities, Nature, and Tactics

Each Creature of the Unknown's profile is broken down into several smaller categories to make it easier to read and locate information. This information includes Skills & Abilities, in which the skills and unlisted abilities of the Creature are handled; and Nature & Tactics, in which how the creature operates is discussed. Although this should remain a constant throughout the profiles, some Creatures defy this easy classification, while others are the result of simple mishap. Look for these sections, but do not be alarmed if they do not appear for every Creature.

Furthermore, this section was designed for continued expansion and further expansion is already planned. For this reason, some things may not be as congruent or consistent as I one day hope for them to be. Please bear with us as More Things continues to grow.

On this note, you will notice differences in the navigational sidebar on each page. I apologize for this and it will be corrected in the future, but for now, you are on your own as to finding things. The navigational index on this page is probably the best of the bunch, but I suggest bookmarking every page you enjoy for finding it later.
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