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Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd-Edition
AD&D 2e

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

House Rules and System Notes

Special Considerations

Free Adventuring Gear
All PCs begin the game with an Adventurer's Pack in addition to the money (and all else) they receive.  This pack reflects the common utensils, dress, and affectations most people possess, in addition to a few items most Adventurers keep. The Adventurer's Pack is gratis.
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FlanFruz (The Cold Tongue)
Ancient BaklunishVelondi
Old OeridianKeolandish
Demihuman (numerous)Lendorian
Month (Common)OlvenSeason
PlantingBlossomsLow Summer
FlocktimeVioletsLow Summer
WealsunBerrytimeLow Summer
ReapingGoldfieldsHigh Summer
GoodmonthSunflowersHigh Summer
HarvesterFruitfallHigh Summer
DayAssoc. Activity

A Brief Overview of Keoland and Oerik

Greyhawk is somewhat unique in that it includes several Human races - the Suel, Oeridian, Flannae, and Baklunish. They are all considered Human by gaming standards, and most of the population on the Flannaes today is a mix of several, but their differences are important to note.

There are also notes on culture, dress, and gaming errata, as well.

Most Humans in and around Keoland are a mix of the Suloise, Oeridian, and Flannae, with the latter being the least of the mix (SOf) - Guide, p. 14

In and around Keoland and the central Flannaes, little attention is paid to one's race or skin color. There is a fair mix of human, humanoid, and demihuman races, though humans generally outnumber demihumans, and humanoids are the least populous -- in fact, they are rarely encountered in Keoland.

However, in demihuman kingdoms (especially Celene), humans are considered inferior.

Appearance, Dress, and Culture

All of the human races (Suel, Oeridian, Baklunish, et. al.) have varying skin, hair, and eye color common to those of that race. The same is true of the Demihuman and (rarer) Humanoid races, but their differences are amply covered elsewhere. This entry pertains strictly to Keoland and its immediate surrounding areas.

The genetic makeup of the Keolandish, as listed above, is SULOISE-OERIDIAN-Flannae, indicating that the former two are dominant and the last is passive. Though you certainly do not have to follow these guidelines when creating your character, keep in mind that the rest of the population (99%, to be exact) will abide by these "rules," so the less you maintain them, the more your PC will stand-out from the crowd (thieves!).

The Keolandish skin tones span the range from albino (rare) to olive (rare), but are mostly fair-skinned to bronze. Hair color also runs the gamut from raven to platinum blond, but dark hair is the most common. Eye color is usually Brown, Amber, or a hue of Gray (in that order), though it also varies widely.

The Keolandish dress is typically tight-legged breeches or trousers, close-fitting upper garments, and capes or cloaks. You can often tell a lot about a person from his shoes: Merchants, scribes, and city-folk often wear leather shoes; the peasantry and poor people wear slops (often with the fur still attached in some way); and adventurers, hunters, and the similarly-employed tend toward boots.

Solid colors and checkered patterns are dominant, with diamond patterns being least common. Bright colors and pastel hues are popular with the affluent and women. Emblems and jewelry are also common, and often chosen to contrast with the clothing to make them more conspicuous. Demihuman dress is covered above.

Cloth is one of Keoland's major exports, so clothing, dress, and fashion is highly regarded throughout the area.


Oerik has a finite number of languages, and not every humanoid and demihuman speaks a common tongue.  Scholars say only five of Oerik's languages are robust enough to actually be called "languages," but Common/Trade is, by far, the most known, widepsread, and spoken of them all.

Keolandish is available at the start of the game, at the cost of 1NWP. Demihumans receive their racial language at no cost. See the DM for more information.
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